Wanted to let all the users know that I will be MIA for a few weeks starting Saturday June 19th.  Headed over the pond for two weeks with the fam.  So if you leave me a comment, you aren’t being ignored…but you will have to wait a bit.



I am truly amazed by the number of visitors to this little blog of mine, when all I really do is answer questions – seemingly about SmartStrand.  Though I LOVE doing this, it does underscore the fact that consumers find carpet to be a very difficult thing to understand.  Admitantly, I did as well before I entered into this industry, some 18 years ago.  Though I do think we have improved the messages the consumer sees, it is still difficult to know whether you have made the right choice.

There are a few sites I like because the content is unbiased.  I sure try to be but my experience is going to sway me one way or the other on certain things – sorry it’s human nature, but I really do try. is CRI – the Carpet and Rug Institute site.  Great cleaning tips and other general information.  The organization is an industry one so know that they LOVE carpet.  Another is – this site is independent and I had the pleasure to work with some of the team to develop a bit of the green content.  They know what they are talking about and are as close to unbiased as any group I’ve worked with.  Damien Patton is a unique guy – be sure to read some of his posts.

Keep your questions coming.  I know I am CARPETGIRL to you all but I can help with other flooring options too.  I even have carpet (Wear-Dated, Stainmaster and SmartStrand Sorona), laminate, ceramic, solid and engineered woods in my home right now (…need to find a spot for cork somewhere).


SmartStrand Challenge

On August 14, 2009, SmartStrand took on a 2800 pound challenge…his name is Ricko and he lives at the Birmingham Zoo.  2800 pounds of black rhino, living, eating and – well you know – on SmartStrand for 14 days.  Typically Ricko is a fan of hard surface and not carpet, but it seems like he might be changing his tune.  I’ve been in this industry for nearly 17 years and I have never seen a carpeting put to a test like this. 

Follow his journey and SmartStrand’s “issues” at



I am pointing everyone to Amy’s blog post because it ROCKS!  She is a supporter of green products, program and processes, but does so with a realistic and smart attitude…as do many in the space.  The reality of the situation we are in environmentally is that we cannot continue to use fear-based communications to influence behavior.  it does not work!!! 

Kudos to Amy!  Maybe someday these radical factions will get a clue! 

How honest is your honesty???


My New Blog

Welcome to CarpetGirl’s new blog. I decided to start this due to the overwhelming response I have gotten on ivillage’s GardenWeb Flooring forums. I realize carpet is a confusing and often complicated process and I would like to help everyone to navigate the waters more smoothly. I am open to discussing any flooring related questions people have, but my expertise is in carpeting and has been for nearly 20 years.


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